Početna Proizvodi Dodaci Insta360 Insta360 Dive Case - for underwater for One X

Insta360 Dive Case - for underwater for One X

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Kategorija: Insta360

Brand: Insta360

Besplatna dostava iznad 500,00 kn.
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The action camera needed a change. Resolution increases, built in app connectivity and incre-mental improvements are all well and good, but what about the actual improvements for action?

That’s where the Insta360 One X comes in.

Equipped with a 5.7k camera that captures in 360-degrees, improved slow-motion and the leading standard in gimbal-less stabilisation, Insta360’s FlowState, the One X leaps ahead of everything else, laying the foundations for greater content creation.

Show off the depths of the sea or other underwater bodies in 360 video, creating immense and immersive videos. The Dive Case can survive up to 30 meters and features a 1/4" standard mount so you can still use your accessories.

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